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Premiere Studios NW

2023-24 Student Handbook

Check out our current Student Handbook in PDF form HERE!



Premiere Studios NW offers classes for students age two through adult who enjoy dancing as well as for those who wish to pursue a professional career. Locations in Stanwood and Lake Stevens feature beautiful studios, wood floors, barres, dressing rooms, and a student lounge.


Premiere Studios NW reserves the right to change without notice any statement in this hand- book concerning, but not limited to, rules, policies, tuition, admission, evaluations and curricula.


Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy


Premiere Studios NW admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin in administration of its education policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs or any other School administered programs.




Children’s Division classes, PreBallet, PreTap, and PreAcro, have an Open Enrollment policy. Please note classes fill quickly and are on a first-come, first-served basis. Students enrolled in Pre-Ballet classes are evaluated in the spring by the PSNW School Faculty, in consultation with the Studio Director to the demands of Level I in the Student Division. Advancement from Pre-Ballet to Level I is not automatic.


Enrollment in the Student Division (Levels I-V) has an Open Enrollment policy. Returning students may be evaluated each year for advancement to the next level. PSNW School is selective in admitting new students.




Premiere Studios NW’s faculty is renowned. They come from many professional dance backgrounds and have performed for dance companies around the country and in our own backyard, and many are current and former Premiere Studios NW dancers. They are dedicated to the success of each student. All PSNW School faculty members adhere to the school syllabus, while bringing their unique background to the studio, giving students a broad dance background designed to meet the eclectic needs of dance companies today.




PSNW School is divided into two divisions designed to challenge the physical and technical abilities of each student. The School’s syllabus, developed by the Director, establishes classroom curriculum and defines how it is to be taught, thus assuring consistency within the School. The syllabus is periodically reviewed by the Director, and enhanced with the objective of offering the finest possible training.




Children’s Division classes introduce children to music and movement through a progression that stresses creativity and group interaction. All classes feature classical music. Students in Pre-Ballet participate the annual spring performance, “Year End Performance,” in June.




PreLevel is designed for 3-4 year olds. Students dance and move in a stimulating environment focused on creativity, group interaction and the joy of self-expression. Students are introduced to ballet vocabulary and barre work while building flexibility of movement, dance exploration and classroom decorum.


Students enrolled in PreLevel classes are evaluated in the spring by the PSNW Faculty, in consultation with the School Director, for suitability to the demands of Level I in the Student Division.






Children ages 5-18 enter the Student Division by audition or invitation. If accepted, the student is placed in one of four curriculum levels. Students learn progressive levels of dance technique following the School syllabus for each age-appropriate level. Yearly advancement is based on faculty evaluations of the individual student’s technical ability, physical aptitude, strength, classroom effort and attendance. Students in Level IV must meet the minimum standards required for beginning pointe work. Contemporary classes are an integral part of the core curriculum for upper levels and are offered in accordance with instructors’ professional teachings. In addition to Contemporary classes, students in Levels IV may also have opportunity to explore other dance forms such as Acro, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Strength, Stretch & Skills. Classes in other dance forms are also scheduled around the instructors’ schedules and will be offered in accordance with their availability.




The PSNW Performing Company lays the foundation for a professional career. Participation in the Summer Session is required to be considered for admission into the Company program. Summer Session students receive application materials for the programs following the Summer Dance Intensive. Students interested in applying for the program must submit the necessary paperwork by May 20th, to allow sufficient time for faculty and staff to identify and review the applicants. Admission to the Company and Competition program is by invitation only, and students are notified of acceptance to the program before the beginning of the Summer Session.


Students invited to these programs concentrate on perfecting technique and developing artistry through an intensive, comprehensive program. Company program curriculum includes technique, ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, choreography, repertory, Pilates classes, strength training, and life skills. This program is designed to help students transition from student to pre-professional dancer.






PSNW School hosts a six-week Summer Dance Session every July through August. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend.




PSNW School students are welcome to participate in PSNW Conditioning and PSNW’s Pilates-based conditioning program. The aim of the program is to increase a student’s overall strength and flexibility through Mat and Apparatus Pilates classes. Private and semi- private apparatus classes and mat class schedules are available. PSNW Conditioning fees are additional to school tuition fees. Contact the School for more information or visit




To register, submit a completed registration online at with the non-refundable registration fee. Tuition must be current to participate in classes. Students are responsible for the full year of tuition September to June. TUITION POLICIES


Students registered for the regular dance season (September through June) PreLevel, Level I – VI, PSNW Performing Company and Competition Team enroll for 38 weeks. Tuition is paid by 10 equal monthly payments and are due by the 25 th of each month, August through May.


Tuition is not refundable. Students who do not participate in class or withdraw before the end of the school year are obligated for the full year’s fees. For unenrollment, 30 days’ notice is required. Before then, any and all remaining charges on the account will still be due. Students are eligible for pro-rated tuition if they must withdraw from classes due to prolonged illness, severe injury (verified by physician’s written orders) or other unforeseen circumstances; and upon approval of the studio director.


Students with outstanding accounts will not be registered. A $35 fee is charged for returned checks. Late payments will be charged a $35 late fee per month until the account balance is current.


Currently we take checks, exact cash, and cards via our Studio Director page. Please seal cash in envelopes with dancer name, "tuition month", student name and amount. Please make checks payable to “Premiere Studios NW LLC”.




Premiere Studios NW does not, in any circumstances, offer refunds. In some cases, however, tuition may be transferred to other accounts or other classes.


Tuition is not prorated for a missed class or holidays posted by Premiere Studios NW.




Premiere Studios NW is based on an hourly rate. Tax is included upon check out.


30MINS - $40


45 MINS - $70


1 HR - $70


1½ HRS $100


2 HRS - $130


2½ HRS - $160


3HRS - $190


3½ HRS - $220


4 HRS - $250


4½ HRS - $280


5 HRS - $310


5½ HRS - $340


6 HRS - $370




Monthly Unlimited - $375


Drop-In - $18


Annual Registration Fee - $30


Performance Fee - $25 per student


Costume Fees - $85+ per costume




Solo - $60/HR


Duo - $90/HR


Trio/Group - $120/HR


Private lessons must be paid in full before each lesson. Private lessons must be paid half to the instructor and half to PSNW. These lessons must also be scheduled a week in advanced with the student, student’s parent, instructor and studio director.


Private lesson must be cancelled within 24 hours to avoid full payment of each lesson. In the event of a no-show or late cancellation, full payment of the lesson is required.




Financial Aid scholarship support is granted on a year-by-year basis for eligible families. Previously awarded financial aid does not transfer from year to year; families must reapply.


Applications are available in the School office and must be completed and returned by the posted


deadline for consideration. The deadline for the academic year application is September 1 st .


All application and financial information is confidential. Financial assistance is determined by a committee staff and is based on financial need. Class performance, talent and potential are also considered.




Formal conferences can be held each year for students in Levels I through V to discuss progress and goals (students in Children’s Division do not receive a formal evaluation) upon request. Students will be evaluated by a committee of faculty members. These evaluations address effort, attendance, technical development, strengths and weaknesses, conduct, potential, and will include suggestions for improvement. Physical attributes that are considered requisite for professional accomplishment in classical ballet such as feet, turnout, structure and proportions, are at the forefront of conferences in Levels I-V. Conferences last approximately 15 minutes and involve the student, parent(s) or guardian, and two representatives of the School (faculty and Studio Director). Students are expected to take notes in their class journal (see below) during the conference to use as a reference during the school year. It is important that parents discuss these reports and evaluations with their child to ensure that there is a shared understanding of the student’s progress. Advancement from one class level to the next is not automatic; therefore, students may receive an additional conference at the end of the school year to follow up on progress and class placement. It is not uncommon for students to spend two to three years in a level.


PSNW Faculty, in consultation with the Studio Director, evaluate each PreLevel student for her or his suitability to the demands of classical ballet in Level I. All students enrolled in the Children’s Division/Student Division receive confirmation of class placement with registration materials, if accepted into the program for the school year.


The Studio Director is available to answer any questions or concerns throughout the year. Appointments can be made via email. PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES




PreLevel students have the opportunity to participate in an annual spring performance in June, the Year End Performance. Students must be currently enrolled and attending all classes in order to perform. The children demonstrate skills and knowledge acquired throughout the year.




All students in Levels I-V are cast in the Winter Showcase every December and the Year End Performance every June. Students in each class level perform original pieces choreographed by faculty members. PSNW students perform original choreographic works. Please note: the last week of classes in June are required rehearsal days for the performance.


Rehearsal information for the Winter Showcase will be posted in September and the Year End Performance will be posted in January. Students must be currently enrolled and attend all classes in order to perform. The School advises parents and students that a decision to participate in the Year End Performance is a commitment to faculty and classmates, and should be made only after carefully considering a student’s ability to attend all scheduled rehearsals. There are no make-up classes missed due to rehearsals or performances. Students will not be allowed to participate in the performance if rehearsals are missed. Participation is required of scholarship students. Absences due to mandatory academic school trips and/or camps must be submitted in writing as far in advance as possible; students may be asked not to participate in the performance, depending on the length of absence for such trips. All Dress and Technical Rehearsals are mandatory for all students participating in the performance.


Each performance is a ticketed event. Tickets are purchased through the school.




Any class observation is NOT open to the public (friends, etc.), parents/guardians or family.




Each class level follows a carefully planned curriculum each year, requiring students to attend a specific number of hours of class each week throughout the school year. We strongly advise against seeking outside training, as this conflicts with the curriculum of Premiere Studios NW.




Ample free parking is available at all PSNW locations.




Parents are expected to pick up students promptly after classes. Please contact the School if you are delayed or anticipate a delay. School staff closes the building after the final class of the day (Please note closing times may differ, and may vary from day to day. Contact the School for specific closing times). A fee of up to $20 may be charged if staff has to wait with a student 15 minutes or more after the building officially closes.




During each school year, PSNW has scheduled closures and holidays. Private lessons and studio rentals may proceed during these times.


Labor Day




Thanksgiving Break (Wed – Sun)


Winter Break (Two full weeks)


Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Presidents’ Day


Spring Break (One full week)


Memorial Day Weekend (Four day weekend)






PSNW will be closed for snow or other weather/disaster conditions when Local Public Schools are closed. Closure of after-school activities has no bearing on whether or not we are closed. If you are uncertain regarding closure, please email the School. There are no make-up classes for weather-related closures.


In event of a snow closure, students and families will be notified via email. The announcement will also be posted on the website and both Facebook pages.




Meetings are conducted for all students at the beginning of the school year to discuss fire/ earthquake safety and evacuation procedures in case of an emergency. In addition, fire drills are conducted throughout the year.






It is the policy of Premiere Studios NW to maintain a positive, healthy and productive learning and working environment for all students, staff and dancers. PSNW students are supported by a dedicated faculty and administration. Premiere Studios NW takes pride in offering students performance opportunities, supportive facilities and one-on-one faculty/student conferences.


As part of their training, PSNW students are expected to behave in a responsible and disciplined manner and to adhere to the School’s rules and regulations, both inside the PSNW facility and outside in the greater community as representatives of PSNW. Students are expected to treat PSNW staff with respect and maintain a positive attitude. PSNW strives to ensure that all rules are clear and reasonable, and students are expected to observe the established Code of Conduct. Premiere Studios NW reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct or attitude is found to be unsatisfactory. Please respect the expertise and decisions of the PSNW School faculty and staff.


The following are absolutely prohibited at Premiere Studios NW:


• Firearms/Weapons: Any student possessing a firearm, explosive, knife, incendiary device, or any other weapon of any kind will be expelled.


• Physical intimidation or injury


• Any student possessing, buying/selling, using, or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs (including marijuana), or any student providing alcohol or drugs (including prescription drugs) to another student will be expelled.


• Self-destructive behavior


• Sexual harassment


• Smoking: PSNW is non-smoking. Washington state law makes possession of tobacco by anyone under the age of 18 a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and community service. PSNW School prohibits smoking on all PSNW property and grounds. Students disregarding this policy face suspension and/or expulsion.


• Theft


• Verbal abuse, bullying, intimidation, or harassment of any kind


• Improper use of the internet


• Willful destruction or misuse of PSNW or another person’s property


• Photography and/or video recording in PSNW studios at any time without prior permission from PSNW staff. Any of the above actions will be reported immediately to the Studio Director, who will decide appropriate disciplinary action.


Penalties may include but are not limited to:


• Dismissal from the School


• Retracting scholarship and/or stipend assistance


• Suspension from classes


• Fines


• Probation




Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Students or their families must report all absences to the School prior to class time in order to be excused. Students who are injured are expected to observe classes and take notes. Attendance is critical to consistent progress and advancement in the School. Poor attendance (for any reason) may jeopardize a student’s placement, participation in productions, promotion or Financial Aid.


It is essential that students come to class on time. Late arrival does not allow a student sufficient time to warm up, may cause injuries and disrupts class concentration. Students more than ten minutes late to any class will be asked to sit and observe.




• Be respectful of the staff and fellow students.


• Food and drinks are restricted to the dressing room; gum is not allowed.


• Students are responsible for the disposal of their garbage and are expected to treat the facilities, furniture and equipment with respect. CAMERAS & PHOTOGRAPHY


PSNW prohibits photography and video recording for personal, educational or commercial use with- out permission. This applies to ALL still-camera and video photography (including cell phone cameras), anywhere in the building, whether involving PSNW School students or staff. If you notice someone taking pictures or filming in our hallways or studios and you don’t feel comfortable confronting them directly, please notify staff immediately.


Registration forms for all PSNW programs include an agreement which gives PNSW School permission to take photos of students in classes and/or performances to use for purposes of promoting Premiere Studios NW.




PSNW is a cell phone free zone, as phones are not allowed in the studios, restrooms, or hallways. Cell phone usage is restricted to outside the building. Students must turn off all cell phones and store them in the dressing room upon entering the studio.




All students in Level III and above are required to keep a class journal to record corrections and conference notes. A spiral notebook or composition book may be used for this purpose. Students are expected to bring this notebook with them to every class. We recommend that at the end of each class, each student record all corrections made to him/her personally or to the class in general. This list should be reviewed daily to remind the student what to think about and work on in the studio. If there is something the student does not seem to understand, he/she should ask the teacher who made the correction for clarification or help. Journals are used as a tool for student progress and understanding.




To ensure a professional environment, Premiere Studios NW enforces a dress code. If not followed, students may be asked to sit or be dismissed from class until he/she is prepared for class.






• Pink tights (no shiny/Lycra tights, no holes in tights, no underwear)


• Pink leather ballet slippers (crisscrossed elastics, no single elastics)


• Leotard (color appropriate for the Level; see color list below)


• Mid-length to long hair is required to be pulled back into a neat bun and fastened securely using pins and a hair net. Short hair needs to be fastened away from face. Students/ parents must be responsible for the necessary supplies to have hair done before class time.


• Pointe shoes are for Level IV and up (Freed preferred; personal fittings are scheduled with Studio Director JAZZ, CONTEMPORARY, LYRICAL, ACRO & TURNS & LEAPS


• Black dance shorts, leggings or tights (no shiny/Lycra tights, no holes in tights, no underwear)


• Level Leotard (color appropriate for the Level; see color list below)


• Black jazz shoes and bare feet




• Black dance shorts or leggings


• Level Leotard (color appropriate for the Level; see color list below)


• BLACK dance sneaker or Tap shoes




• Comfortable clothing (Sweater, dance pants, etc)


• Level Leotard (color appropriate for the Level; see color list below)




Mid-length to long hair is required to be pulled back into a neat bun and fastened securely using pins and a hair net for ALL classes and rehearsals. Short hair needs to be fastened away from face. Students/ parents must be responsible for the necessary supplies to have hair done before class time.




• Short-sleeved white leotard (clean, snug-fitting white t-shirts are acceptable)


• Black footed tights (No short cut-off tights)


• Black ballet shoes (BALLET) black jazz shoes (JAZZ) black dance sneaker (HIP HOP) bare feet (CONTEMPORARY)


• Belts are required for Level II and above.


• Men must wear shirts or leotard at all times.


• Hair should be combed and fastened away from face if long.




PSNW’s dress code is designed to encourage unity and discipline among our students. All students in PreLevel and Levels I-V are required to wear PSNW leotards. Students not meeting the required dress code will be restricted from participation in class.


Leotard Colors Class Level


PreLevel: Pink


Level I: Light Blue


Level II: Lavender


Level III: Teal


Level IV: Eggplant


Level V: Burgundy These beautiful PSNW leotards suit PSNW dress requirement standards and create a uniform appearance in the classroom. Leotards and tights may be purchased through Premiere Studios NW.




• No shirts, legwarmers, etc., may be worn.


Jewelry should be minimal: small earrings and watches at the teachers' discretion.


• Shoes should be neatly sewn with like color thread. NO safety pins.


Dancewear is to be kept laundered and in good repair. Any holes should be mended with same color thread.


• Please mark clothing, shoes and dance bags with the student’s name and class level.


• Dress Code must be adhered to in all rehearsals.




No one is to arrive or leave PSNW School wearing only leotards. This policy reflects the professional atmosphere of Premiere Studios NW and our concern for the safety of our students.




When your child arrives for class, please instruct him/her to change his/her clothes in the dressing room, and leave their clothes (including coats and clothes worn over leotards) in the dressing room. NO CLOTHING, INCLUDING SHOES, SHOULD BE LEFT OUT.




Students and parents are expected to wait quietly until their class begins.




All student injuries and accidents in and out of ballet class must be reported promptly to the Studio Director. Staff will document the student’s condition and any medical guidelines for activity.


If an injury occurs (either in or outside of class), please do the following:


• Notify appropriate faculty immediately so that proper documentation can be made.


• Have your doctor email a report on your injury to the School in order to facilitate your recovery.


• We must receive written permission from your doctor allowing you to resume classes.


Student must meet with the Studio Director to set up a recovery plan before returning to classes.




Lost and found bins are located in the lobby area of each studio. Premiere Studios NW is not held responsible for any loss, stolen or damaged property. NOTICES & MESSAGES


It is the responsibility of each student to check the bulletin board before and after each class. Class schedules are subject to change; therefore, students need to check the board daily. Parents should check posted information for younger students. Weekly schedules, including changes and important notices, are posted on the School bulletin board.


All families and students are required to go over studio emails. It is important for PSNW students to have knowledge of school closures and performances as well as school rules and requirements.




Each year, student roster information including class lists, addresses and academic schools is available. Roster information may be useful in arranging carpools.




If any member of PSNW School’s faculty or staff observes the appearance of rapid weight loss at any time during the school year, or if it appears that a student is below a healthy weight, the parents will be called and the student will be referred to a Nutritionist and/or Psychologist.


The Studio Director will make the decision either to speak to the student or to keep an eye on the student to see if the situation improves or worsens.




Attendance in all classes is mandatory. However, Medical Leave may be initiated by PSNW for the management of physical or emotional conditions that hinder a student’s ability to participate in class. Medical Leave may also be requested by a student or parents. When the student is ready to return to the School, written communication to the Studio Director must be received from the parents and the student’s physician and/or counselor, indicating any recommendations, conditions and/or limitations placed on the student’s return, such as participation in ongoing treatment. Students may return from Medical Leave only with the approval of Premiere Studios NW.

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