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You won't find a more dedicated staff or a better place to start your journey through the dance and fitness experience. Premiere Studios NW is a family friendly studio where we have classes for all dancers and fitness goers at all levels of experience.  We offer a disciplined and structured approach to dance with technique as the main focus and welcome new dancers to our studio with open arms. We encourage healthy bodies and minds. Our approach is to the whole dancer and their well being. PSNW dancers will gain dance technique, experience, and self-confidence through our programs. We truly believe that through determination and commitment, each dancer can reach their full potential.



I am fortunate not only to teach our students but watch as our faculty inspires young dancers through music, movement, and classical technique. Parents, families, and friends regularly observe their children dance with a renewed sense of confidence. Many young performers will have their onstage debut, their first bow, and the rush of hearing hundreds applaud their accomplishments.


Our goal is to provide inspiration and education to our students and a healthy environment for all. How proud we are to watch students thrive in dance. We are equally proud of those who may only study with us briefly. We hope during that time to share with them the rewards of an extraordinary art form. We look forward to the coming year and welcome our students and families into our School. 

Kristen Hoffman

Owner | Director

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